darla i started my craft at nelson group from the very start as an assistant. honing my skills and working my way up, earning my chair. i love that everyday in the salon brings something new. it is really great to get to know new clients and i love seeing my regulars. i have gotten to know some very cool people in this line of work. i am the proud mother of 2 of the finest girls you will ever meet. my youngest says she wants to be a singer and work as a stylist with me! doesn't that make you smile? what you should know... occupation : colorist favorite part of my job: making people feel wonderful about themselves favorite subjects : reading, gardening, dinners out, shopping, having fun with family hours monday: 10 am til 2 pm tuesday : 8 am til 2 pm wednesday : 8 am til 7 pm thursday : 8 am til 5 pm friday : 8 am til 5 pm saturday : 8 am til 2 pm
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